Animal Removal Near Me

Animal removal, especially wild animal removal should be left to the trained professionals. In to many cases where homeowners try to remove animals and pests themselves, someone ends up taking a quick trip to the emergency room. Save yourself the hassle and get the pros out now.

Squirrels: Usually squirrels will leave at sun up and return at sun down. They will often be seen bringing food inside throughout the day just before a cold front settles in the area. Call for squirrel trapping and animal exclusion before the squirrels in your attic chew through electrical wiring and cause a fire.

Flying Squirrels: Flying squirrels are exclusively nocturnal. They are typically going to make small holes at the highest point of the home and/or they will gain entry through the construction gap into the attic or walls. They can be very clean and reclusive. A key to knowing if Flying Squirrels are present is tunnels about 2” in diameter in the attic insulation and noises in the attic all night. Call for flying squirrel control.

Roof Rats: Roof rats have opposable thumbs used for climbing and balance. Roof rats are found in the attic. They are more active at night but will travel throughout the house and outside every 24 hours for food and water. Call local Animal Removal to seal up your home from roof rats with a wildlife exclusion plan.

Opossum: What the opossum lacks in beauty and intellect, they make up for in character. They can’t see very well and are impulsive. They will settle for whatever area of your home they can find as shelter. They will constantly raid any available food source. If you see one, it probably hasn’t traveled that far from it’s “home”. They will use the construction gap as entry. Call if you hear noises in the attic.

Mice and other Rats: Any and all holes in the exterior walls can be used as an entry point for mice and rats. Once a rodent has entered your home, it leaves a pheromone in its urine which lets other rodents know that there is shelter, food and a water source. If you hear or see a rodent it is most likely too late and your home is probably infested. Rodents have a fast reproductive rate. Two weeks after birth, the females will give birth to a litter of about 16. Two rodents roughly become 2000 in 365 days. Call us immediately. Rodents in your home are a health concern and should not be taken lightly. Call for 24 hour rodent control.

Raccoon: A 30 pound raccoon can get in a 3 ½ inch opening. Raccoons can be extremely aggressive. Some raccoons are just passing through, however, if you’re hearing loud noises anywhere in the house or seeing them on a regular basis, you probably have a raccoon den close by. They are very destructive and dangerous for you to handle without a professional wildlife trapper. Raccoons carry rabies and should not be handled. Call anytime for 24 hour emergency animal removal.

Beaver: We love beaver! Due to the amount of damage they cause in Georgia, beaver do not have a closed trapping season. They are more active at night and can completely destroy yards and expensive plants and trees in a matter of a few nights. There are regulations concerning the release of beavers in some areas. Call us for professional beaver trapping.

Snakes: Please do NOT throw any chemicals on snakes! Do not attempt to injure, remove, handle or advise anyone else to do it for you. It could be a harmless snake and actually beneficial to the environment. Watch from a safe distance and call us immediately. We can also locate snake habitats and dens on your property or in your house.Our wildlife trappers get the job done right!

Coyote: Coyote are active during the day but even more active at night. They will attack children and domestic animals of all sizes. Regulations apply for release of coyote. They are more dangerous is packs but will travel great distances alone and can be timid. It is not uncommon to see a large pack in a heavily populated area. Throughout metro your local area, several coyote sightings have been made recently. Call us for safe and professional coyote removal.

Bear: Black bear sightings occur every year throughout your local area. They are usually in transit and will only stop for a bite to eat or drink. If a bear is spotted in your area you can call us for a more logical methods of bear removal.

Fox: We enjoy the beauty of wildlife until something attacks our pets and/or destroys our property. Fox can be seen at any time of day but more so at night. They are more interested in retreat than in conflict unless you’re a cat. Fox dig and take shelter underground. A normal fox entrance is a two foot hole in circumference.

Skunks: Forget about it! They are 80% more likely to have rabies then any other animal not to mention that sweet stink juice that can successfully be deployed in your eyes from 15 feet. Please call us for skunk trapping.

Bats: Our passion for these guys has no bounds. We can safely remove and clean the area in which they have taken over. Bats can and do transmit the rabies virus and they carry other deadly organisms.

Helpful Information:

Noises: Note the time of day and the area that you’re hearing noises. This will help us determine what type of animal is invading your home. Call for professional animal removal service.

Odor: Call us for dead animal odor ,removal and deodorizer & sanitizer applications.

Poisons: Applying poisons to rid your home or business of rodents and/or other nuisance wildlife will only create larger problems. Animals will die from the poison, however, they will be dead and stuck in unreachable places such as in your walls, attic or crawlspace, causing terrible odor to build up. Try not to use poisons.

Dead Animal Removal: We do handle dead animals too! Prices start at $125 for dead animal removal. No spaces are unreachable.

24 Hour Emergency Animal Removal: We offer 24 hour emergency animal removal services throughout your local area. If any animal in your home is threatening your well being, just call Animal Removal near me at any time.

Service Fee: A service fee of is typically paid over the phone with credit or debit before the technicians are dispatched and starts at $25.00

Warranty: A warranty is given with all jobs.

Wildlife Exclusion: Animal exclusion is the only way to permanently remove animals from your home or business. Animal exclusion is the professional term for sealing the construction gaps that are open enough for wildlife to enter your home.

If you’re looking to find your nearest animal removal service then you’ve come to the right site. With Animal Removal Near Me we will help you quickly find the best animal and pest removal service in your local area.